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[Post New]by bugsnuts on Oct 17, 10 12:12 AM
Hi, i am thinking about buying this game, can some-one please give me a review,whether it is worth the money, length of game play etc. I loved the Syberia and Dracula series, is this anything like those? Is it a 360?
Appreciate your input.

And BF when are you going to add more LFG's , the world is going Hidden Object mad!!!! Hate them

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[Post New]by Gadget95 on Aug 7, 11 9:27 PM
In my opinion...DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! I have never felt cheated by any game previously purchased, until now. The "mini-games" were horrible, requiring superhero-like stealth to navigate them. I did not even finish the game as the last "mini-game" is nearly impossible to complete. NOT FUN! Am seriously not impressed with this game, which sucks because it appears to have some sequels and is one of the LFG's that I have not played. Very disappointing.

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