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can't fly

[Post New]by aujelique on Oct 18, 10 4:02 PM
How do you fly or even move in the last forest every time i try to move some place it says that the path is blocked and i can't move off of the platform i started the level on i click on green patches of grass nothing happens


Re:can't fly

[Post New]by miranda_me on May 21, 12 3:56 PM
Me too - somebody help please. I click on the green patch and nothing happens.


Re:can't fly

[Post New]by PhaedrasPhantasy on Jan 1, 13 5:13 AM
Hope you have figured it out by now, but the reason you cannot fly is the same reason you cannot walk on the other levels, there is a tree, or a rock in your way that needs to be healed or eliminated. Land in the dark green patch on the patch of ice far right of where you start, OR heal a couple of trees beside the bear cave, and get your water supply started. A tree needing help, a rock, or water will stop you unless you fly to a green patch somewhere on the island and clear the way, just like on the others. Hope this helped! (the gophers on the home island cannot be healed until the bear clears the ice, start healing on the island behind that one.)

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