Zenerchi-it's gone widescreen on me!!!!

[Post New]by Grundoon984 on Oct 22, 10 11:08 AM
All of a sudden my game has decided to fill the screen on my not that new wide screen monitor. Now I'm playing Zenchie in an oval instead of a circle. I have checked my screen resolution as suggested and I have even uninstalled and re-installed the game and it turns out the same. Please help.

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Re:Zenerchi-it's gone widescreen on me!!!!

[Post New]by deanzer on Dec 8, 10 6:47 PM
Same exact thing happened to me! I've been playing this game for a while and all of a sudden . . . wide screen. Any idea what happened? I,too,checked the resolution and it's not that. It's playable, but weird.

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