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Rocket Fins

[Post New]by prpldva on Nov 20, 08 9:21 AM
NuttinBetr2Do wrote: I am stuck in the lab. I know which fins to add to the rocket and have placed one on the rocket. The problem is I am now stuck with one correct fin on the rocket and one incorrect fin in my inventory. Any idea how to discard the incorrect fin from the inventory and/or pick up the last correct fin from the bucket?

Hi Nuttinbetr2do- welcome to the forums!

I think that you pick up a set of fins. I would not worry about the others in your inventory as long as you placed the correct ones on the rocket.


Re:Rocket Fins

[Post New]by NuttinBetr2Do on Nov 20, 08 9:41 AM
Thanks for the reply. The problem is I don't have a set of correct fins, only one correct fin. Haven't been able to pick up the second correct fin and I have no clue how to do that.

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