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Game Crashed Several Times

[Post New]by Sablesshadow on Oct 24, 10 7:43 AM
This is a DD I won't be buying. Couldn't move cursor, game wouldn't let me even put in my name - jumped through several screens. Had to CAD to get out of game.

When I uninstalled and reinstalled, the Big Fish logo came up on the screen, the music played, and that was it. Had to CAD again.

No buy here.!

Just got a message from Windows: Program Compatibility Assistant tells me "This program might not have installed properly."

Ya think!?!??

It will be interesting to see if I'm the only one who can't run an old DD. Hope this isn't a trend. And yes, I'm pretty sure my drivers, video cards, etc. are up to day.

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Re:Game Crashed Several Times

[Post New]by joyce2121 on Oct 24, 10 9:42 AM
Sorry you couldn't play the demo. It worked ok for me,
and at least I get to decide no-buy for myself.

Bummer, HATE when I can't demo.

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