El Dorado Quest

[Post New]by lolabell1 on Oct 24, 10 10:20 AM
I can't get past level 4, I have tried and tried. Anyone else have that problem or know how to skip that level. It's taking all the fun out of playing, being stuck for so long. HELP!!!!!


Re:El Dorado Quest

[Post New]by Deedprincess on Jan 2, 12 8:58 AM
I cant get past level 4 either and NO answer on the www, and i'm getting VERY IRRITATED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re:El Dorado Quest

[Post New]by lily_whippit_lol on Oct 7, 12 9:54 AM
hi... i am having the exact same problem as you... it is really getting on my nerves! sorry i couldn't help you though.

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