How come food get burn??

[Post New]by prettywoman2007 on Oct 24, 10 11:09 PM
I'm at level 14 and it seem that the food gets burn and I have to restart preparing the meal again. Than I lost the whole level and have to restart again. Can anyone help me.. Thanks

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Re:How come food get burn??

[Post New]by vibtek on Sep 19, 11 10:39 PM
Watch the timer. I learned the hard way, in the trial. Depending on the speed of your computer. If wait too long he will tell you. A good thing to do is to keep you computer defragged as much as possible on some games for it work right. Sometimes it will tell you don't need to. When it analizies it mainly goes to most fragmented files. Try and keep most of the red lines out on Windows Xp. It will help.
Mainly watch the timer on long it takes to cook the food. If it over cooks it will burn.

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