Can't topple the lion

[Post New]by JCalln1 on Oct 29, 10 8:50 PM
I got the key & then looked at the lion. then I went to get the hammer (it won't let you pick up the hammer until you look at the lion). Now I'm at the lion, have the hammer & the key. but when I try to use the hammer, Watson says before moving away from the police officers I should try to look for the key to the portal? Is there another key than the one in the safe? Thank you!

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Re:Can't topple the lion

[Post New]by Mr_Russ on Oct 31, 10 10:32 AM
You now have to go into the library and talk to Barncow before you can get any further.


Re:Can't topple the lion

[Post New]by mastersarg on Dec 18, 10 4:46 PM
bring the key to the jounalist at the before toppling the lion

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