Re:Enigma - Released on May 07, 2008

[Post New]by rmb2003 on Jan 9, 09 2:42 AM
Hi. I recently had to have my computer wiped clean due to a virus issue. I couldn't save the copy I had. I cannot find it in the game list. I bought it a while ago. Is there anyway to tell me if it is still available or not since this is the game I bought and not the Enigma7 match 3 game? You can email me if you would like to since I am trying to reestablish my games on this website. Thank you Regina Graves

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Re:Enigma - Released on May 07, 2008

[Post New]by reejree on Jan 9, 09 4:11 AM
Morning All!!
I went to gamezebo and found it on their review list, it had Iwins name on it,

I had downloaded also, my pc failed because of some security issues and I
had to purchase a new one, I lost a lot of stuff.

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