[Post New]by Painfull on Nov 2, 10 12:44 PM
Not only are the hints for this game stupid but they don't even stay up on the screen long enouch to read them...wish I hadn't purchased this game!



[Post New]by pukeko on Nov 2, 10 9:30 PM
i agree . .. i'm a bit over the hill .but can usually find the plot after a while . this game is giving me a headache.. can't get past the code scene ..help please .. . thanks .. sea anemone

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[Post New]by Heilinlass on Nov 8, 10 10:24 AM

I'm getting mad at this game,I have managed to get to the crashed plane but can't find where the blood goes into the undergrowth,or does it?Can't find the trail so I'm stuck.Please can anyone help?Take care Heilinlass.

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