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Explosive door area

[Post New]by fayeraye on Nov 2, 10 2:02 PM
Can someone tell me how to buy gunpowder for this task in AK'wah when its contriband? Also what magic shop down the rug fly to in the indigo traders quest?

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Re: Explosive door area

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Nov 8, 13 1:43 PM
To buy Gunpowder, you'll just have to wait until isn't contraband any more--just about certainly, the following month. (And thank you for confirming that this difficulty IS possible; I wondered if the programmers had carefully guarded against it.)

Which magic shop, temple, banker, moneylender, or shipyard you need to find somebody or something in seems to be entirely random. At one point I figured it was always some place where your character did NOT have access to the palace ... and that promptly proved false. However, so far I've never seen it be the same port where
the search was assigned.

This randomness is less surprising given that both your character's home port and the port in which each particular task is assigned are also random--except for the character-specific tasks, which come from his or her home port.

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