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Fashionista 2

[Post New]by Urumi on Nov 22, 08 9:27 AM
Who would want a second sequel to this game?

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Re:Fashionista 2

[Post New]by rmil1972 on Mar 6, 09 6:09 AM

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Re:Fashionista 2

[Post New]by JamiSings on Mar 28, 09 8:29 AM
This one is SO BORING who'd want a sequel? Ug! No, they need to scrap this and start all over. A game where we can design our own clothing, we SET the trends rather then following them, and is easier to navigate!


Re:Fashionista 2

[Post New]by jesjerzjes on Aug 23, 09 3:18 AM
yeah i liked the concept of game play but the details are a let down wish it was create a style also


Re:Fashionista 2

[Post New]by nubianqween on Aug 2, 10 8:50 AM
Yes. I've read a lot of bad reviews about the game, but I enjoyed it.

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Re:Fashionista 2

[Post New]by Game_Fearie666 on Sep 25, 10 3:11 PM
Just finished playing for about 30 minutes.
It was actually kind of fun... the first few magazine covers, but after that it got very boring. It's the same thing over and over. That, I'm not really complaining about as a lot of games consist of doing something over and over. This game was different, though. You could change clothing and such, but because you don't make much money, you're stuck with the clothing for quite a while, which sucks because as you go on, you need different pieces of clothing to get a 'good' cover to make money. The most money I made was around 3,000. Not really much, considering the prices of the clothing.

I actually do like the concept and if they make a Fashionista 2, they should really expand on the idea(s) they had.
Some small improvements I thought might help:

1. A little more instruction. It just throws you into the game. You get some instruction, but it doesn't really explain the game.
2. The newsletters could be a little more informative and not so vague. I notice a lot of people didn't get the 'flat top' shoes. I think, maybe, showing an example or describing the shoe more would have helped. I also got stuck with halter tops. Maybe it was just me, but I didn't see any halter tops(maybe this is available later down the line). I saw one off-the-shoulder top and a shirt that was sort of like a halter, but not, so nothing that could really be called a halter top. I'm thinking this has something to do with translations, though. I notice it comes in many different languages, so from another language flat top or halter top may not be something we are thinking it is.
3. The graphics could use a little work, but this is small. Some games have average or below average graphics and are still good. Better graphics seem to pull people in more, though.
4. More variety in the clothing/models/avatars would be nice. The clothing is nice and I notice you unlock new things (usually just one or two pieces, though) every level or every other level, but the variety could be a little wider. It's great that you can change the color to anything. The models could stand to be different or at least have a different hair style/color or pose every cover. I wondered why you couldn't change the model's hair along with the outfits. And the avatars would be nicer if you could choose different faces and makeup along with the hair and earrings in the salon. Maybe even change the little shirt part that you see.

The game has a nice concept, though.

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