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[Post New]by denamaegoody on Nov 2, 10 5:13 PM
need help no instructions

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[Post New]by Lady_Cav on Nov 2, 10 5:16 PM
There's lots to explore. Pick up everything that you can. Listen to any hints that Mina might give you. You might want to google for a walkthrough. There are several out there, and well as youtube videos that you can watch when you really get stuck.

Welcome to the forums and have fun. That's a great game.

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Re:Just started

[Post New]by pinkwitch12 on Apr 3, 13 4:43 PM
Me too. There are walkthroughs AND a bunch of You tube videos I found VERY informative. They go a bit fast, but you can scroll back and slow it way way down. Just go to You tube and go to the search bar be sure you get the one not the two, minas fate.

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Just started SPOILER on how to get off the beach.

[Post New]by pepssy on Aug 16, 13 2:47 PM
denamaegoody wrote:need help no instructions

Mina needs to go to the cliff where the strange man is. There is a rusty key on the ground. Look on the cliff to get lichen (or some such.) There are 2 spots on the beach with turtle eggs in them. One has turtle tracks away from the nest and the other spot is just a heap of sand. There is also a chest that you need to open with the rusty key. There should be an egg which you can eat even though the description tell;s you that you can't.

There are 5 oysters in the rocks by the pool, which also has a fish that you need to catch a bit later on. Go through the arch and go forward. Look for lichen or seaweed on the rock just past the arch. Go to where there are 2 crab eating a dead porcupine. You can get both of them only when they both have their backs to you.

Get the porcupine and use the knife on it when you make one later on. There are also coconuts. Some have green skins and some have brown shells. The green ones need to have the knife used twice on them but the brown ones need only 1 knife use.

Go back to the beach and see a ring of wood sticking up from the sand. Your clue is "rock solid" which means that you can use a rock on them to get a piece of firewood. Go towards the path and see 2 bird nests on the right hand side. You can only get the eggs in the bottom nest.

On the left side there is a flat rock area where there should be a piece of metal and there is a rock in the fire pit area. Use the rock on the metal to get a knife blade.
Good luck and enjoy the game.

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