Level 11 NEED HELP

[Post New]by shellee1721 on Nov 22, 08 10:11 AM
Cant get passed this level!!!! Need help...cant get the farm upgraded fast enough before time runs out...any suggestions?????

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Re:Level 11 NEED HELP

[Post New]by erwin042 on Nov 22, 08 10:40 AM

With the market you can trade wood for gold or gold for wood
That's the trick.

to obtain more gold, buy merchants and put them at the market
you may upgrade the markets too so you get more room for more merchants
I built 2 farms (1 farm with 4 stars the other no star) to get more room for workers and 2 mills (one with 3 stars and one upgrading to keep the scholars busy)
When the first farm has its 4 stars, I buy the cultivators (6 is the minimum for the goal) But 7 cultivators will get you to those 90 food cycle.
I move each worker from the 4 star farm to the 3 star mill and place each new cultivator on that farm

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