[Post New]by 1t2bme on Nov 3, 10 6:51 PM
I have all of the FF games, and find them all fun in their way. I find it irritating when getting the "All the Awards" Trophy comes down to just the gags though. I wish it would at least tell me how many there are, and in this FFGF game I click on them several times and it doesn't give the check mark. Why are some of them only on for a second or two? It isn't even enough time to move the mouse down, much less actually view them for a giggle. I don't want to open levels and just sit there and wait for the gags, sacrificing everything else so my mouse will be right in the corner at just the right time (how boring), so I guess this one I won't get all the awards.

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[Post New]by pecabo1338 on Nov 8, 10 4:49 PM
Farm Frenzy 2 was the only other one with a GAG award. It went over like a ton of bricks then keeping the vast number of players unable to get all the awards. I thought it had died there, but alas, I was wrong. No one even has a clue as to how many there are.

Like you said they don't respond. They are also too fast to even think about being able to click.

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[Post New]by Huglover on Nov 20, 10 4:29 PM
I guess it was fun for the developers to create the Gags, but it's not equally fun for us users to search for them... - especially when we don't how many there are, or how to make them appear.
Also, there should be some help telling WHAT the gags are, as I did not understand until I read about it on the forum....

I guess I have seen some of them...
5 seahorses with numbers
A bear riding a very big fish (shark?)
A bear jumping into the basin where the goals are
A bear surfing dragged by a seahorse
... and even some others
- and now that I know what to do with them, they are like gone... :-(

Having goals you need to fulfill to get all the awards that are like this based on just patient waiting is a very bad idea I think. I liked the first FF game, so I thought I would buy this one.... - but with that GAG thing, I don't think I will buy anymore.

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