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Finding Lost Items; Workaround

[Post New]by robin94122 on Nov 3, 10 7:15 PM
I was able to find one situation where items can disappear from inventory, along with a workaround to put them back again. It won't work for every situation, but it can help in some cases.

It looks like an item may disappear if you have it attached to your cursor and you happen to accidentally click on the exit from the scene. I was able to cause this to happen with the Cupid in one scene and the Pickaxe in another.

Once the item is gone from your inventory, I couldn't find any way to get it back again in that same scene. The inventory tray seems to think it's attached to your cursor, but your cursor doesn't, so you can't use it.

However, I was able to get the item back by leaving and going to a previous scene where the item was still in the inventory tray. Then I picked it up again, and then, with it still attached to the cursor, intentionally clicked on the exit going back to the scene where it was missing.

This time the item jumped off the cursor and when I arrived at the scene, it was once again available in the Inventory tray.

This workaround only works when there is another location to go to and the missing item is in the inventory tray there.

But it's worth a try if you have the problem and another location is available.

Good luck!


Re:Finding Lost Items; Workaround

[Post New]by darkthrone on May 6, 11 4:37 AM
This will not work if your at a point where there is no going back I'm stuck at Midas Palace—Outside the Back found the gold dancer got the star now the pick is gone the star location is not showing and the scanner still shows the dancer hidden AND on top of the box where the star was hidden

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Re:Finding Lost Items; Workaround

[Post New]by Action00 on Jun 4, 11 2:19 PM
I have the same promble


Re:Finding Lost Items; Workaround

[Post New]by Cattalac on Feb 6, 12 6:06 PM
I have the same problem; pick axe not in inventory and stuck in the scene.


Re:Finding Lost Items; Workaround

[Post New]by lindalchristoph on Mar 19, 13 6:22 PM
I can't dig up Thor's Hammer cause my shovel is "gone" and I cannot exit to another scene so I am stuck also. Cannot get to map to go back to anotehr scene either....frustrating!

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