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Welcome to Unlikely Suspects forum

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Nov 5, 10 12:05 AM
Welcome to Unlikely Suspects forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Unlikely Suspects players.

If you have questions about how to use the forums, please click the FAQ link on the right.


Re:Welcome to Unlikely Suspects forum

[Post New]by vonimf on Nov 16, 10 11:33 AM
I can't find the saw blade in the River front help anyone



[Post New]by fouadghaith on Jan 10, 13 3:34 AM
this bear is driving me crazy guys, anyone found the solution?? not pressing the bear and not cutting the rope, i think there s a problem with the game, its not that easy to simply press the bear, i did allover the bear, the scene and the rope but none,
help anyone??

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Re:Welcome to Unlikely Suspects forum

[Post New]by captzeno on Jan 24, 13 3:33 PM
Thanks for the welcome. I have a peculiar problem with Unlikely Suspects. Despite the fact that I clearly have suspects who match the clues I've uncovered by doing the hidden object search -- dark hair, light complexion and wrist jewelry -- the game will not let me go search the lair of any of the suspects and tells me that the info on the suspect needs to match. However, it does match and I can't seem to get anywhere beyond that.
Any clues out there on what's going on or what I might do to remedy the situation?
Thanks for your time and attention.


Re:Welcome to Unlikely Suspects forum

[Post New]by angievette on Apr 13, 13 10:23 AM
I'm having an issue with the bear as well. I tried emailing **** who make the game but they don't want to know as I bought the game through Big Fish, they said they have no affiliation with them.

So basically I have a game I can no longer play

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