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camera's pictures

[Post New]by Sinclair on Nov 5, 10 8:25 AM
This is the most redundant game I had ever played. Its took me about 15 times to had the good shot of the floor's encarved emblems. Each time u must go to the twin sisters's room and each time she said. Read the note on the pc.

Enough for me with all the futures games of Drew. Always the same pattern.

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Re:camera's pictures

[Post New]by moochorama on Nov 10, 10 7:09 PM
You don't need to go to her room every time. She leaves you the notes on the PC more or less as soon as you leave the computer. So you can just upload the pics, step away from the PC and maybe do something else, and when you return you'll see whether or not she has accepted them. You can also take several pictures at different angles and upload them all (if there are enough slots left) and see if she accepts any of them. It only took me two or three tries to get the emblem right. You need to zoom in and pan down, and take it with your back directly to the door, don't stand directly in front of the emblem.

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