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Shark & Seahorse

[Post New]by DejaVu31 on Nov 6, 10 7:25 AM
Hey All.
Just finished level 10.
When should I be buying the shark and seahorse?
Do the levels determine this?
What do they do?
Additionally should I upgrade all I can as the money comes in?
Let me know.
As always, help is appreciated.


Re:Shark & Seahorse

[Post New]by dolphin007 on Nov 17, 10 10:02 AM

The sharks scares the apes away its not wort to buy a shark as you can only use them ones.

The seahorse is cool to have she collect all the items in the water, so you can concetrate on the other tasks.

Hope this helps you,



Re:Shark & Seahorse

[Post New]by GOLDEN_OLDIE1947 on Dec 4, 10 7:36 PM
dejaVu31, I'm not a lot further along than you, but I find the sharks handy if I'm playing a level a 2nd time and know that bears will appear to disrupt the pond.On the other hand, bears are sometimes handy to have so you can sell them and make a little money. I don't know that I'd buy sharks unless I were really flush, and so far I've not been able to achieve that, but my favorite level thus far (I think it's 15) has four sharks already in the pond..

As to upgrades, I've found that my first upgrade if I can afford it is to the warehouse, and the second is to the boat. A larger warehouse will hold more stuff, including more bears, and larger boat lets me move both bears and various kinds of caviar at the same time, rather than having to move one or t'other. A handy side benefit is that the boat returns faster.

I also wanted to thank dolphin007 for her statement about seahorses. I'll look to buy one the next time I play; having the seahorse collect the stuff that appears on the water would be a big help. Happy holidays to you both!

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