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buid a lot 3 level 38

[Post New]by dduck652 on Nov 23, 08 2:50 AM
need help with level 38

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Re:buid a lot 3 level 38

[Post New]by blingykins on Nov 23, 08 3:30 AM
What sort of help dduck?

I just passed it a few minutes ago .. not with expert .. only 'just' passed it


Re:buid a lot 3 level 38

[Post New]by bluebuick1953 on Nov 25, 08 10:41 AM
To dduck652. I passed this level but i couldn't do it with an expert score. I started by hiring two more workers, then i restored the hacienda and upgraded with 2 stars and then i sold it. Buy 1000 material and build a sawmill (try not to build it next to expensive property and hopefully next to property that you can buy cheaply and demolish) After building the sawmill, purchase the maximum about of materials and build the workshop. Then get the efficiency status and purchase three more workers and restore the chateau and then sell it. You will have plenty of money then and you can buy the house back later when you have the money. After that purchase some more workers and build the garden center and then purchase some more materials. Always get the maximum if you have the money. Then start building the chateaus and upgraded them and painting and landscaping. You can do multiple jobs if you have plenty of workers. You have to have 30 workers, so get them as soon possible. I build two landmark. First the clock tower and then i purchase the blueprint for the sculpture garden and build that. Make sure you build them between houses that are landscape and painted. The houses that are landscaped and painted with the two landmark will give you 100+ appeal and you don't have to demolish the workshop and sawmill if it's not next to any houses. I think i demolish the garden center after i got through landscaping the last house. I finish while the timer was on the yellow part. I hope this help. Good Luck!


Re:buid a lot 3 level 38

[Post New]by bogdanicus on Jan 6, 09 10:07 AM
How I did it with ribbon:

1. demolish Cottage
2. restore & sell Dormer (maybe get one or two rent)
3. build Workshop
4. demolish Chalet and Venetian
5. buy materials (250)
6. build Sawmill
7. buy 1000 materials
8. efficiency upgrade
9. buy workers
10. restore, paint and upgrade (2-3 stars) Hacienta and then sell it
11. restore, paint and upgrade Chateau

during game:
- buy existing houses, demolish, build, paint and upgrade Castles
- inspect them!
- buy workers (up to 30)
- buy 1000s materials
- buy blueprints for Landmark
- build Landmark between two Castles


Re:buid a lot 3 level 38

[Post New]by tonjaarmstrong on Jan 16, 09 2:53 PM
I have not been able to get pass this level. I have built or restored 14 chatles, 30 workers and built the sculpture garden. It will check off the fact that I built the scuplture garden, the 30 workers but will not check off the houses. I have them all at three stars. It does not make any sense to me. I have painted them and even built more than 14 yet it still will not mark them off my list. I seen someone had written that they land scaped them, yet I did not see where they said they had to be landscaped. Is there a problem with my game? I was just wondering if I should uninstall and then try to reinstall. That would be a pain seeing as I have gotten so far but if I have to I will.

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