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That's just sad...

[Post New]by gamergirl675 on Nov 6, 10 9:49 PM
I was so excited when I stumbled across this game because I Dirty Dancing. Sadly this game is just... well... sad. I did manage to last 15 minutes thinking I'd try it all out and see but this is a no buy. It starts out with songs from the movie and I thought "Great! I'll get to listen to the soundtrack while I play!" but no such luck. When you're doing the boring "games within the game" they play junk. What a shame.

It's one of those "little bit of everything" games... there's a map and you click on the various locations to try things like "pinochle" which isn't really pinochle after all... it's a card game where the object is to match pairs. You have to match all 40 pairs and god help you if you use a joker (which SHOULD be a wildcard) well sure it will match with anything but you have to remember exactly which card it matched to so that when the next joker comes up you match it to the other half of the pair... really that makes the jokers harder to use than not.

There was also a "talent competition" which turned out to be a pathetic hog scene with graphics that were pretty bland and not real clear. No hints either and if you click wrong the curser just goes away for a bit... and I don't mean clicking too fast or too many wrong clicks just a SINGLE wrong click. Then there was a "dance competition" which you had to buy with the money you earn playing the other games... that was a joke and such a pain... "steps" aka: circles would appear on the floor and you had to click them but they had a bar around the edge of the circle that went red/yellow/green and you had to click when it was exactly green which felt like a microsecond. Even though you're there waiting on the circle it's still hard to click at the exact moment the game wanted you to.

All in all a very bland game that even though it tries to please everyone with a little bit of TM, hog, arcade... it will probably please no one. It was very pastel all throughout... the whole look had a "pink" feel to it. It almost felt like someone didn't really know how to make a good game so they bought the rights to use the Dirty Dancing theme, pics & music to cover that up and counted on movie fans to snap it up. SO not happening here and as I sadi I LOVE the movie. Granted it's from 2007 but I've played other games that were a few years old that were much better than this. BUT if this is you're thang... have fun and happy gaming!

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Re:That's just sad...

[Post New]by Tiger2010 on Aug 12, 11 6:01 AM
I was as excited about this initially as you were, gamergirl, but I agree completely with what you say. This could have been soooooo much better. It's really bombed. Can't win 'em all, eh?


Re:That's just sad...

[Post New]by Derek_Miller on Feb 22, 12 4:50 AM
You wouldn't probably believe this, but I actually started it because I thought it has some sort of connection to Patrick Swazey's movie

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Re:That's just sad...

[Post New]by BUCKWHEAT1 on Dec 29, 13 7:41 PM
I totally agree, this is a bad game!

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