This forum is a joke

[Post New]by netnutt on Nov 7, 10 7:26 AM
I have been here quite a few times and nobody answers my questions. Some of your answers are laughable and rediiclous. How to win the game "Fold and skip"....... LOL. The blinds will eat you up.
How to win stars........ Wear the hat the same color.???????
It's obvious this place is a big joke.
Maybe some of you know much about other games, but with this one, no one has a clue. Get real!!!!!!

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Re:This forum is a joke

[Post New]by erigby on Nov 7, 10 7:42 AM

I'm sorry you feel that way but it wasn't me, since I don't know enough about anything to answer any questions about game play.

Btw, what game are you having trouble with?

Oh, sorry. Poker. Hmmm.....No way I can help you there, but maybe someone else will come along who can.

Good luck!

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Re:This forum is a joke

[Post New]by Genesistt on Jan 6, 11 11:28 PM
What's your question? I've been playing the game and figuring it out as I go along, so I'm willing to help where I can with serious answers. But I need the questions first.

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Re:This forum is a joke

[Post New]by Replayer on Jan 7, 11 2:17 AM
I beg to differ, on the subject of "wear the hat of the same color".

If you want to win the stars, you will wear the hat. That is the only way.

Just because you can't figure out how to play the game, doesn't make it okay to bad mouth the ones who are trying to help you.

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Re:This forum is a joke

[Post New]by chazzer47 on Dec 24, 11 1:08 PM
The real joke is that no one answers anybody's questions in these forums. I have been reading and replying in some of the other comment sections within this forum and answering a question or 2 where I can, but all I see is people asking for assistance and no replies.

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