Re:Level 30 with a yellow flag

[Post New]by bluebuick1953 on Nov 29, 08 10:43 AM
Yes, i have tried all of those strategies and i still can't get the yellow flag on that level.

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Re:Level 30 with a yellow flag

[Post New]by peutetre on Nov 29, 08 11:41 AM
I don't know if this is among the strategies you've tried, but it works for me to get a time under 7 mins.

Recruit a worker and two scouts right away. Put the woodsman on the drill. Use the worker to build a farm on open land, use the scouts to harvest wood and money.

Destroy the mine and get another worker to build a mill there near the silo once the farm is up and running.

Staff the farm with defender, worker, scholar, merchant.

Build a factory and guild on the two remaining open lands.

You'll need to upgrade the farm to 2 stars, which is easy enough to do, so your focus should be on getting a bunch of scholars for the other buildings that will take a long time to upgrade.

Factory and mill are the most critical--2 scholars on each is key. 2 workers on the mill should be enough to keep you in wood. You can sell off the scouts when they're done and the merchant when you have tons of cash.

I usually have one scholar on the guild to slowly work on upgrading that since you only need to upgrade it right before the mill hits 4 stars.

When the mill hits 4 stars, recruit woodsmen like crazy, selling off everyone except the farm workers.

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