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wonderful game

[Post New]by exact on Nov 9, 10 11:18 PM
I got hours of enjoyment from this game. It was not easy. I had to use walkthrough and rely on some helpful forum people. A good way to get to know those that give good advice on the forum. Graphics were excellent, good story line, Made one use the aging brain. Tremendous imagination by the authors, Really sorry I finished it. Thank you BFG.. Looking forward to the next challenging game. Exact

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Re:wonderful game

[Post New]by seahoney on Nov 10, 10 8:29 PM
I agree altho this game seemed to take forever it was not boring and was beautifully done. I used the hints alot more often than normal but it recharged so quickly and was alot of help to me to know if I was just wasting my time in one area or not. I plan to replay this another time in the future and spend more time just enjoying the going instead of rushing thru like I tried to do this time. Patience is key here and I was short in that dept this time around. The music was lovely but I turned it off sometimes when it felt too repetitious. Loved the mini games and found them quite challenging and different ~~~way to go!

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