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I'll pass. Objects too small, items grainey, story vague.

[Post New]by CLEMONSTWAIN on Nov 10, 10 6:36 AM

All I did was click and click on items I hoped were on the list. A magnifier would have been a big assist. No penalty or limit on hints and it's a quick refill time on the hint bar but I don't play an HOG expecting to depend on the hint bar. Unfortunately, I was forced to with this game.
The colors are good but the graphics are so extremely small I knew it was a pass for me from the first scene. I miss not being able to play in true full-screen mode. I'm playing on a laptop and I tried adjusting my settings as suggested by others in this forum. I didn't spend a lot of time on it knowing this was not going to be a purchase. Full-screen does make a difference to me...a big difference!
The story storyline is predictable bu fortunately it moves right along.
I played through the 60 min thinking it had to better. Once again, I was wrong. Thank goodness the price was right...

Off topic:
I have come to depend on the BF forum.I need the input from Goofyduck and other BF gamers who take the time to share their opinions. Thanks to all of you!

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