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Just a little tip that I discovered

[Post New]by NutMeg1987 on Nov 24, 08 4:48 AM
Services (post office, police, fire station, hospital) do not get or give curb appeal. This is especially good if you have a level where you have to get a high appeal rating. Instead of using a landmark to "cut off" negative appeal between say a bank and a house, you can build a service between them and have a +0 on the house to start with and still be able to use the landmarks between two of your houses. Hope that makes sense.

Also, if you are building something with negative appeal that you know later in the game you are going to tear down (sawmill, bank, workshop, garden center), place it next to the highest priced house(s) you know you will have to buy. This will lower the appeal on the house and make it cheaper for you to buy. Just be sure it isn't a lot that you plan to build and sell on immediately, or the appeal on your house will tank the price.


Re:Just a little tip that I discovered

[Post New]by SharpayEvants on Jan 23, 09 1:41 AM
Thanks for the tip!!!!!

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