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Lavender's vs Chocolatier

[Post New]by Christym on Nov 24, 08 10:18 AM
I'm wondering what peoples opinions are between the Lavender's Botanicals game in the two Chocolatier games. They've both got a very similar feel to them.
There are certainly different aspects to both. I love the fact that there are so many things you can look up with the laptop in LB. Having different minigames for the different factories is kind of neat too. I also like the fact that the cost of travel isn't overwhelming at the beginning.
That being said, I just loved the feel of the chocolatier games. The games to determine how many of something a factory makes make a little more sense, and I like the variation based on the kind of chocolate, rather than the factory itself. I also like the fact that you can actually chose whether you accept a task from someone or not.
I think - and to be fair, I haven't finished LB - if I had to pick only one of the 3 games, it would probably be Chocolatier 2. But they're all good


Re:Lavender's vs Chocolatier

[Post New]by thewolfreys on Dec 5, 08 12:44 PM
I like Chocolatier's games (for making chocolates) better.
I do like that you can create and find your own chocolate recipes (even if they are preprogrammed, you still have to figure some out on your own).

I like that when there is a quest, the city icon has a star on it = to help you remember where to go back to.
I like that when you look at the laptop and click on an item, it'll tell you how much each city is buying it - so that you can price out your items.

Which one has more things to create?


Re:Lavender's vs Chocolatier

[Post New]by cuddlekitten4b on Jan 11, 09 4:41 PM
To answer your question....I prefer the Chocolatier games. I had high hopes that this game would be a little more similar....but I found it more difficult to navigate and much harder to keep up with the ingredients. After playing the demonstration version....I decided that it was not what I was looking I did NOT buy this one.

However...I am keeping up my hopes that they will come up with another game similar to Chocolatier 1 & 2. I thoroughly enjoy those games and still play them. The graphics in Lavender's were too hard on the eyes.....I much prefer the graphics in the Chocolatier games.

PLEASE BF....... MAKE ME ANOTHER GAME LIKE CHOCOLATIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a bunch!

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Re:Lavender's vs Chocolatier

[Post New]by fomalhaut on May 13, 09 12:38 PM
Chocolatier 1 and 2 are a hundred times better than Lavender's, in my opinion. In addition to all of the bugs,
I hate the useless miniquests (you can't decline) where you have to make two or three different products and only
get a few thousand dollars. They really make the game drag.

I didn't like Winemaker Extraordinaire much either, though it's at least shorter than LB. I was disappointed in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design too, but it's still miles ahead of WE or LB. Chocolatier 2 is still the best.
I played one of the Tradewinds series but didn't like the combat aspect and the fact that you can lose the game

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Re:Lavender's vs Chocolatier

[Post New]by lacard on Oct 17, 09 11:31 AM
Thanks everybody. I have a hard time deciding which game to buy for my credits. I loved the Chocolatiers but didn't buy LB. I'll have to look into Tradewinds but I wouldn't like combat. Wish there were more games along these lines.


Re:Lavender's vs Chocolatier

[Post New]by dianaincognito on May 10, 10 5:28 PM
Winemaker Extraordinaire is my most favorite game!!!!! The music is beautiful and relaxing and very relative to the place you are traveling to. I've played it at least a half dozen times and it never gets boring! In fact, some of the gameplay changes up here and there as you replay the game. Love the storyline and the characters, too!

Chocolatier is my second favorite (prefer Decadence over 1 and 2). The Dashboards are very similar in Winemaker Extraordinaire and Decadence whereby you can see every single quest from the beginning of the game. I believe, if I remember correctly, 1 and 2 only allow limited info. The storyline continues from 1 through 2 and then Decadence. (I don't consider "Chocolate Chase" a Chocolatier game. It was awful and had nothing to do with 1, 2 or Decadence.)

I just purchased Lavender's Botanicals and after reading all the threads here at BF ... I am concerned that I have made a mistake. The hour was not long enough of a trial in that there were 22 pages of instructions to read --- as quickly as possible --- so that I could play the game. I was just starting to get into the game when my trial ended. I was intrigued in that it was so similar to Winemaker Extraordinaire and the Chocolatier series ... so I purchased it.

Hmmmmmmm ... after reading all these threads and NOT being able to find a 'walkthough' --- which I generally don't like doing but felt it probably would be best with all the bugs and glitches in Lavender's Botanicals posted by other players --- now I'm really concerned. A game that is 2 years old and NO WALKTHROUGH? Okaaaaaaay ... I am just going to guess that the bugs and glitches have NOT been fixed and this is either going to be a challenge or a frustrating waste of time and money --- and from what I've read, I fear the latter. *sigh* I guess I'll find out tonight ...

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