Avenue Flo Rearranging Clothes

[Post New]by Brennta on Nov 17, 10 1:03 PM

I need some help pleaseee!!! I am stuck on the last bit of rearranging clothes and cannot do it. I always end up with either same color or the same clothes type. Does anyone have a screen shot of what it is supposed to look like?
Thank you so much!!!!

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Re:Avenue Flo Rearranging Clothes

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Nov 17, 10 1:35 PM
Hey Brennta,

Have you had a chance to check out the walkthrough?

It provides step-by-step instructions (plus screenshots) of how to finish the game. Hope this helps and happy gaming!


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Re:Avenue Flo Rearranging Clothes

[Post New]by miazuldecielo on Dec 6, 10 5:25 PM
On the walkthrough there are no screenshots to help find Mr Big's secretary. Actually there is no info at all on how to solve the maze to get to her.

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