level 19

[Post New]by novacainebaby on Nov 18, 10 4:19 PM
How on earth do I get both the happiness as well as the health on level 19? I can get either the health or the happiness but not both!!

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Re:level 19

[Post New]by Kadra on Nov 19, 12 9:38 AM
it can be done took me a while to get it.

it is imperative that u get the imperial protection 5500 at some point usually around the time u have 6 large apartments built without it u can't complete it in time and keep your happiness.

This is how i structured mine

Apartment Apartment Apartment Apartment Shrine

Apartment Garden Garden Garden Forum

Apartment Apartment Apartment library - Fort

Market Garden Apartment Garden Temple

Fort Bathhouse Apartment Hospital Hospital

Found it was only possible when i moved the market can interchange the service buildings but u have to move the market. Also left one hospital upgrade until i got the 50k for the medal.

hope that helps Good Luck

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