i got this game

[Post New]by cal189 on Nov 25, 08 9:04 AM
ive had it a week and only played a couple of times a day and ive got through all 600 levels
reminded me of a game i used to play that had bals bouncing round the screen

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Re:i got this game

[Post New]by nobodyz on May 30, 09 4:27 AM
So did I. I have played it all the way through about 5 times now and I get better each time.

For me, I love a game that doesn't have the gimmick of making it too hard to complete to seem "worthy". For me, this is my all time favorite here at .

I also have much invested in non-timed games. There's seems to be a bunch of us out here, I've seen their posts (and happily added to them) and this game is a GREAT one for RELAXING!

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Re:i got this game

[Post New]by princesschaos1st on Jul 6, 09 8:10 PM
thjis is one of my old favorites, along with cosmic bugs. Fun games to waste a bit of time

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