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level 5.8

[Post New]by futte369 on Nov 19, 10 2:11 PM
Please help have tried so many times


Re:level 5.8

[Post New]by Kanekii on Nov 20, 10 9:11 PM
I finally finished this level after dozens of tries. This is what worked for me. Seat all of the guests and the bride and groom, then pickup the gifts. Serve the bride and groom first, then move them back to the altar.
Keep seating them next to the guest they request. If you have special requests from the other guests do them first before you serve. Use your disco balls only when you see the guests in line start to get really agitated. Chaining is the key to completing this level. Also when you run out of a meal click on the empty tray to get Quinn to fill it right away. Hope this helps.

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