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Ep 4.8 (Level 38) Expert Walkthrough

[Post New]by robin94122 on Nov 21, 10 2:53 PM
General Tips for level 38:

This is one of the few levels in the whole game where you can actually get stuck without enough resources to continue. You’re going to need a lot of gold to get through all the boulders, and also lots of quarry stone.

It's important to note that when it comes time to build the quarry you'll be able to run around the boulders blocking the road, so you can start on it earlier.

Anytime a Lion appears, click on it as quickly as possible until it disappears.

There are 30 gold coins in the cave. I wait to pick them up until I have the magic sack.

I never go after the 10 gold rocks behind the huge boulder close to the cottage. It just doesn't seem worth it, and it's not necessary.

Sometimes a Stopwatch shows up near the end of the level. This makes a huge difference in getting Expert, so keep an eye out for it. It appears in the same location where the Lion tends to hang out, along the road to the exit.

I do cut down all the trees eventually, as the extra wood is useful for the storehouse, quarry, and goldmine.

I head for the gold mine before I start working on the boulders going up.

I don't bother upgrading the Fish Hut or the Farm after I've built it, as I seem to have more than enough food for the level.

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Re:Ep 4.8 (Level 38) Expert Walkthrough

[Post New]by robin94122 on Nov 21, 10 2:54 PM
Detailed walkthrough:

There are many different ways to solve this one. This one works for me as long as the Stopwatch appears.

Upgrade the Cottage so you have 2 workers.
Clear the Boulder.
Chop trees until the Boulder is clear.
Build the Farm.
Collect gold and chop trees near the Cottage.
As soon as you can, clear the boulder just past the farm. Do NOT clear the boulder going down to the gold rocks.
Keep collecting gold and chopping trees. Pick up the food at the Farm anytime it's available.
As soon as the boulder is clear, build the sawmill.
Upgrade the cottage to 3 workers. This makes all workers move faster.
Collect the wood from the Sawmill anytime it's available.
Keep collecting gold rocks and resources
As soon as you can, work on the next boulder.
Now, very important, start clearing the small boulders going towards the Gold Mine. Do not start on the boulders going up yet.
Collect gold rocks and chop trees.
Upgrade the Sawmill when you can.
Repair any buildings as soon as they get damaged.
Build the Fisherman's Hut.
Keep clearing boulders going to the gold mine. Do NOT clear the boulder to the Idol yet.
Upgrade the Gold Mine twice.
Upgrade the cottage so you have 4 workers. This gives you another speed boost.
At some point in here you'll probably have some workers idle for a little while. That's OK, they're still giving you the speed boost.
Upgrade the Sawmill.

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Re:Ep 4.8 (Level 38) Expert Walkthrough

[Post New]by robin94122 on Nov 21, 10 2:57 PM
You have now cleared the path to the Gold MIne and upgraded it to max, built the Farm, built the Fish Hut, Built the Sawmill and upgraded it, and have 4 workers. Time to head North!

Start clearing the boulders going up towards the Storehouse. Do not clear the big boulder by the Sawmill or the boulder by the Idol yet.
As soon as you have enough resources to clear the last boulder gong up, pick up the Hammer and start on the boulder.
As soon as the last boulder going up is clear, immediately start building the Quarry and the Storehouse. Note that your workers will run around the boulders to do this.
Upgrade the quarry, then the warehouse, as soon as you can.
Start clearing boulders going towards the Crystals and towards the exit.
As soon as the Magic Sack appears in the lower right, clear the Big Boulder going to the cave behind the Sawmill. Don't pick up the Magic Sack yet.
Once the boulder behind the Sawmill is gone, pick up the Magic Sack.
Once that meter starts in the upper right, go into the cave behind the Sawmill and get the 30 gold coins.
Upgrade the Quarry, then the Storehouse to max.
Use the Boots as soon as they appear.
Now you just need to do the obvious--build the road, clear the boulders going to the Crystals and going to the exit, and collect the Crystals from the top.
Go into the top cave and collect the Runestone.
As soon as you have the Runestone, clear the boulder on the path to the Idol, then get the Idol.
Keep working on the road, the path to the exit, and collecting resources.
Don't forget to pick up quarry stone as soon as it's available!
Once the Storehouse is upgraded to max, you don't need to pick up any more wood.
Pick up the Stopwatch along the exit road as soon as it's available.

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Re:Ep 4.8 (Level 38) Expert Walkthrough

[Post New]by robin94122 on Nov 21, 10 2:59 PM
Now you've done everything except finish the road to the Exit. Here's where this game is very dfifferent from My Kingdom for the Princess. You're going to do things in any order you can. You will be clearing boulders (sometimes 2 at a time) before you get the road built that far, because you will sometimes be waiting for quarry stone.

Remember you can probably work ahead on the boulders to the exit while you're still waiting on quarry stone.
You may also be able to work on two boulders at time, just keep checking to see where you can assign workers in this area.
Use the boots a second time if they appear.
Once you've cleared all the boulders, stop collecting gold. You just need food and quarry stone for the road.
You should make Expert comfortably as long as you got the Stopwatch.

Good luck!

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Re:Ep 4.8 (Level 38) Expert Walkthrough

[Post New]by pysanky13 on Dec 24, 11 7:23 AM
beautiful sequence of directions. thanks, just made it with a whisker to spare.

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