red lightbulb

[Post New]by abruce1267 on Nov 23, 10 4:04 PM
How do you make the red lightbulb in Jorge's room?? HELP!


Re: red lightbulb

[Post New]by RockTheWorld245 on Jul 27, 12 6:52 PM
After the light goes out, the view will change and the screen will slide to a different view-the bedroom. Here are the things you need to find:
The plain, white lightbulb-click on the lamp on the top corner of the right side of your screen.
A muffin cup-look above the mini-fridge and see something white-something to make red! Hmm.
Then, in the middle of the screen, see a reddish-colored bottle-this is Sangria, a thick, pomegrante-tasting syrup. Combine this with the muffin cup, and you will get a red-colored muffin cup. Combine this with the lightbulb and you get...voila! A very nice-looking red lightbulb. But, unfortunately, you can't replace the lightbulb yet because you haven't gotten the film out of the camera. You could do this, of course, but you'll need some fresh batteries.
Use the remote control that's lying on the bed and click on the hand icon on the bottom of your screen. Nancy will have a bubble that pops up, saying, "Hm, I guess he wasn't watching anything." This is because Jorge hasn't paid for his bill yet! But how can we pay for the bill? We don't have any money...Check Jorge's boot that's lying in the middle of the floor using the eye icon and see Arthur Hitchen's credit card. Why would Jorge have this? Click on the circle you see on the TV's screen with the circle that's over Arthur Hitchen's credit card and another bubble will pop up from Nancy, saying, "Wow, Jorge really racked up a bill." You can open up the fridge now, and you'll find fresh batteries. The bubble icon on the camera and the bubble icon on the batteries should be combined, and the screen will gradually slide back to the bathroom. Hope this helps, or I just wasted 10 minutes of my life writing a response to someone who probably hasn't played this game in a year. Oh, well.

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