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heavy technical problems

[Post New]by fahr451 on Nov 24, 10 5:46 AM

this game seems affected by strong technical problems.

1) after selecting "keep ratio" in the settings the game crashed and I attempted 4-5 times to restart it before being able to do so.

2) after 5 minutes of game, the BFG manager popped out saying "Time is up".

Not big problem, as I already decided to uninstall the game... but maybe these issues are worth investigation.

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Re: heavy technical problems

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Mar 7, 11 11:19 AM
Contact Customer Support--green envelope, right-hand column. And if the first try doesn't work, let them keep pounding at it. Usually they'll succeed; if not, you'll get a credit. Can't lose--may not gain, but can't lose.

In particular, you're likely to get a game credit for being unable to get the full hour's trial!

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