the fall trilogy

[Post New]by tassydog on Nov 25, 10 9:01 PM
Can some one please help.
In the clue it says tripod makes three marks on ground?????
How do i get the mirrows to reflect light????????

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Re:the fall trilogy

[Post New]by jayel48 on May 18, 11 9:56 PM
If you have the tripod and you've placed all the mirrors, go back to the pit. Look down and circle around. You'll see 3 indentations in the ground near where you left your whip (or one more move to the right - near the big square with the rows of smaller tiles in it ) Put the tripod in the 3 indentations - then you are ready to start playing with the mirrors. HINT: go to 360 degree mode once you start with the mirrors - it helps.

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