destination: treasure island

[Post New]by heliador on Nov 26, 10 7:19 PM
got 2 chapter 30 something...can't figure out how to kill the pirates..walkthrough sez kill pirate..can't shoot him or stab o i do this?????? help pleeze thanx n advance

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Re:destination: treasure island

[Post New]by Blackie61958 on Nov 26, 10 10:07 PM
Use the loaded pistol on the pirate!!(32)

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Re:destination: treasure island

[Post New]by bfgDonau on Nov 28, 10 2:46 PM
Hi heliador and thanks for helping Blackie61958!

I’m going to go ahead and move this thread over to the full Destination: Treasure Island game forum to keep all questions and comments for the game in one place. It's also the best place to connect with other players and get hints and tips! But not to worry, this thread will stay visible in the Chit-Chat Corner as well so that any Fishies swimming through the Chit-Chat corner can also help.

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Happy gaming!


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