disappearing inventory

[Post New]by musiclady1231 on Nov 26, 10 7:32 PM
Some of my inventory keeps disappearing.

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Re:disappearing inventory

[Post New]by onetree on Nov 27, 10 1:07 PM
Same here. Haven't figured out the fix yet goodluck

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Re:disappearing inventory

[Post New]by robin94122 on Nov 27, 10 1:21 PM
onetree wrote:Same here. Haven't figured out the fix yet goodluck

Can you be a bit more specific?

In particular:

Are there items in the Transit Area (square to the right and just above the Storage Area)?

Do you know that items in the Transit Area stack on top of each other, often hiding items underneath, until you take them out and put them into storage slots?

Do you know you can click on the tabs at the top of the storage area to get to the additional pages, and that you have 5 available pages of storage slots?

Have you had a chance to read the General Tips in the Blog Walkthrough for how the inventory works in this game, as it's a bit unusual?

To get to the Blog Walkthrough, click on the Try this Game link at the top of this page, then click on the link to the Blog Walkthrough.

Good luck!

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