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How did this make it out of Beta?!?!?!

[Post New]by gamergirl675 on Nov 27, 10 1:19 AM
Seriously. I'd like to know. Did they not bother with it? Well then what about the many comments after release??? Why isn't it FIXED??? (Isn't this game from like 3 years ago?!)

I lasted all of five minutes before I said forget it. Just does NOT register the clicks on objects properly. Sometimes I was clicking 4 or 5 times in THE EXACT SAME SPOT before it registered and marked the H0 off the list. I actually tested and used a hint and even clicking on the object circled by the hint it took a few clicks. Not all objects... some went right away first click... but by the time I had recieved that nasty PENALTY for "misclicks" that were NOT misclicks I'd had enough. If you're gonna penalize me you better be sure that YOU have it right first devs. So annoying. Especially since I was playing UNTIMED... that's another huge flaw right there... you don't bother casual untimed players with rude penalty comments and flash "-5" across the screen. We don't like that... that's why we play untimed. Ummm duh? lol

<--- not enought thumbs in the world to give this one enough thumbs down... now if they ever FIX it maybe it'll be worth a revisit.

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Re:How did this make it out of Beta?!?!?!

[Post New]by Libtard55 on Apr 23, 11 2:07 PM
Paid $2.99 for this as it said object hunt on it. Big mistake! Just like you said Click click click and still it won't budge. I'm 56 and my memory is failing, so the memory game sucks, with the lights. And the lock pick game is a unworkable mess. I'm working on it without hints. Takes all day but then I got all day. Maybe I'll finish it and maybe not.

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