Stop the music!!!!!

[Post New]by misspugsley on Nov 27, 10 9:13 AM
Is there anyway to stop the music on this game? I usually don't have the music on for most of my games because I find it annoying and distracting but this is worse. It's an awful 15 second loop of the same tune and if I just turn the sound off on my computer then I'll miss all the other little sounds. Thanks for your help !

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Re:Stop the music!!!!!

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Nov 27, 10 11:53 AM
Yes you can. Thank goodness(!) because it was driving me mad within a minute or so too!

If you hit esc, and wait a bit you will get a menu up. The button with the cog symbol is the options menu. Music is covered by the ambient sound setting. I was well into the tutorial when I thought of trying that so not sure how far in you have to get before it will work.

I couldn't see how to exit for ages either, used computer's task manager the first time, but it's the bottom of that same menu, a save and quit button.

(Not sure about this game at all yet, the puzzles seem really good but I'm not so keen on the adventure parts. I have a coupon to spend but think I'll wait for DD for this one. ETA I see I just missed that but that's OK because I'm not buying at the moment, only using coupons).

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Re:Stop the music!!!!!

[Post New]by misspugsley on Nov 27, 10 12:10 PM
Thanks, Daisy_May. I'll give it a try.

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