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Pass even on sale!

[Post New]by gamergirl675 on Nov 28, 10 7:57 PM
Wish devs would listen to comments... this was so tedious I quit as soon as I finished the scarecrow just 8 minutes in. It seems to be an iHog lite for the little I played and I actually liked the story and cartoon characters although the H0 scenes are a little junkpiley... still probably would have bought except for this (which I'm assuming continues throughout the game)... I said NO to the tutorial but did play on untimed/relaxed mode.

SPOILER (although pretty minor considering I only played 8 minutes LOL):

So it's a H0 scene... stuff scattered... usual list of items to find which include a shirt, hat and pants which go into inventory when you find them... sparkly scarecrow in the field. Soooo finish the hog scene and try to go to inventory to do the scarecrow. Won't open. Have to click on scarecrow first. Well ok, I guess it needs to trigger the scarecrow (although usually that's only for mini-games and this is not a mini-game by any stretch of the imagination... so... click on the scarecrow and a text box pops up telling me I need to dress the squarecrow (I'm pretty sure even the newest game player could have figured that out but ok... no problem.) EXCEPT... put the shirt on... go to get the pants and NOPE! Have to click on the scarecrow AGAIN and have the text box say he's missing two more items before we can click on the Inventory... and repeated for the hat as well... couldn't even open the inventory without the required click on scarecrow and instructions first. It was over the top even if I had the tutorial on but it was OFF.

Exited out. Deleted game. Vented here in hopes devs pay attention and don't do dumb stuff like this... it's tedious and insulting and no way could I even play the game knowing I'd have to deal with that the whole time. Sorry guys but no sale even at the sale price.

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