Expert on Level 34 Walkthrough

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I have reached expert on almost all and thought I'd start sharing how I did it.

Level 34:
You will need all five advertisings.
Only the men will rent the scuba gear, so build it and advertise it to the first group on the beach and you should have 4-5 rentals in the first minute. You will need to chain the drinks and use umbrellas to afford the second scuba tank faster.
Advertise and rent diving gear ONLY until about minute four of the game. No disco or banana yet. (I hired waitress for drinks so I could chain the diving gear rentals).
Build disco and advertise.
Wait until two or three show up and sell tickets all at once.
Do the same for the Banana - don't be afraid to make the customers wait a little bit. You'll sell five tickets in two shots.
Build the grill anytime after Disco and Banana are built. You should have plenty of money.

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