Bonus Level 8 Walkthrough

[Post New]by katwnow on Nov 29, 10 11:34 AM
Rent 30 pool floats
Build bar, clothing, Banana to Level 3
Earn $2500

I used all five advertising for the pool floats constantly.
Sold clothes and upgraded clothing asap and pretty much stayed on the left side of the game for a long time unless cleaning or doing check-in of guests. Used waitress for the water at that time.
When I had enough money, I built and upgraded the bar all at once.
Kept advertising the pool floats and sold clothes and cocktails with a fully trained waitress.
Built Banana near the very end (and only sold three tickets all at once).

I ended the game with one second to spare and a balance of $2409 - which shows you only have to earn the $2500 once.
Hope this helps.


Re:Bonus Level 8 Walkthrough

[Post New]by MrsWatermelon on Dec 31, 12 4:36 AM
Whew, finally did it with one second to spare too. That was a toughie

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