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Lock Rings Puzzle

[Post New]by Tikatoy on Nov 29, 10 8:53 PM
I ran into a bug with the lock rings puzzle (the one where you place and align 5 rings so that it forms a nautilus and some sanskrit writing). If the last 2 outer rings are correctly aligned with each other, and you have the 3 inner rings aligned already, then when you do the final alignment, the rings just click into place, but the puzzle doesn't register as having completed. You can still rotate the rings (that are all fused together now), but you can't move on. I thought that you had to adjust the orientation and spent a while trying to get it just right!

Anyway, I just tried the puzzle again, making sure that the 2 outer rings weren't aligned with each other and aligned each ring one at a time and that did the trick.

Just posting here in case anyone runs into the same problem I did.

(It is a reproducible bug as I was able to do it twice; apparently I like to align things from the outside in.)

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