level 5.9

[Post New]by bree5678 on Nov 30, 10 4:23 PM
I cannot find all three sandals. I found the one by Quinn, the one by the cake. Does anyone know where the other pair are?


Re:level 5.9

[Post New]by mar_mom on Feb 21, 11 11:16 PM
lol its in the bushes by Joe (the photographer!) just keep clicking, you will get it! =D


Re:level 5.9

[Post New]by Auntyboo on Apr 18, 11 12:35 AM
UNBELIEVABLE!!! I have been looking and looking and LOOKING for gosh knows how long pmsl. THANK YOU!!! I clicked and found it and now I get to play Quinns Big Day. Thank you once again =0)

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