stuck on level 6-8

[Post New]by goguins on Nov 30, 10 9:02 PM
Help. There are no moves in the center of the board; therefore, you can't release the locked cells. Help.


Re:stuck on level 6-8

[Post New]by SherlockGirls on Dec 8, 10 12:14 PM
Me too! Did you get any assistance?


Re:stuck on level 6-8

[Post New]by 84Olga on Dec 24, 10 7:01 PM
Me too,HELP!

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Got thru level 6-8 !!

[Post New]by knitnow on Mar 16, 11 1:58 PM
Finally!!! The strategy I settled on was getting all the top half cleared.... which wasn't necessarily easy either. However, after I cleared the last cell of the top half.... suddenly the bottom rearranged to offer moves, and I was able to complete it.
Hope that helps...


Re:stuck on level 6-8

[Post New]by starfish62 on Mar 30, 11 4:18 PM
[It took several tries but I finally made it through this level. Each time you have to do the level over, start in a new spot. I found that if I concentrated on clearing the Butterflies from the spaces and didn't worry about the special Butterflies I did much better and finally won the level. Good Luck!!

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