How I did Expert on Level 23 (Finally)

[Post New]by katwnow on Dec 1, 10 8:02 AM
Waited until mostly women and children entered the beach first.
Built grill.
Advertised diving gear, filled water three in a chain.
Rented two diving gear at the same time, had about five done two minutes into the game.
Advertised and upgraded grill asap, filled grill orders a minimum of two at a time.
Advertised diving gear again when a lot of women in turquoise swimsuits were on the beach.
Rented and collected diving gear in chains. (If you lose a water sale, so be it - half the time the customers will order something else instead of leaving).
Built and upgraded bar when I had $1300.
Advertised grill again and sold steaks two and three at a time while still renting diving gear.
Built/upgraded sandwich stand when I had the next $1300.

I did not sell any cocktails or sandwiches. I finished with five seconds to spare.
I think it makes a difference when advertising diving gear - you need women and children on the beach. The men will not use the diving gear.
Also, I chose to sell steaks instead of cocktails because the children will eat the steaks.

Hope this helps someone - I know this level caused a lot of frustration for me.

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Re:How I did Expert on Level 23 (Finally)

[Post New]by noyb on Mar 3, 12 3:11 PM
Thanks so much - I was going crazy!! Finally got it with 4 seconds to spare. Really is key to start the level with all women and children - that was very helpful - I just kept restarting until finally got the right mix.

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