hello my name is johnathan

[Post New]by johnathancaine22 on Dec 5, 10 2:49 AM
hey please reply when ever i create a account NO ONE complete NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!! talks to me

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Re:hello my name is johnathan

[Post New]by cyndihugs on Dec 7, 10 12:15 PM
well maybe if you replied to them on the other thread you started, then you'd get someone to talk to you. The "come chat!!!!!!! " thread. To me, it's kinda rude to start a thread and then not answer the questions that people have asked you. Kinda like ignoring them and some people aren't going to keep posting if you aren't going to "chat" with them

It takes 2 to have a conversation..........well most of the time anyway.

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Re:hello my name is johnathan

[Post New]by oct2447 on Mar 5, 11 7:52 PM
Guess he didn't get the idea............

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