please developers, listen to us

[Post New]by kris_cross48 on Dec 6, 10 6:19 AM
I don't know why the developers aren't getting it..but they are not. Making things tinier and tinier is only going to get their game unistalled faster and faster. Even if there is a potential of liking the graphics and perhaps the story, making the HOG items redundant, not appropriate to the story and tiny (if not tiny and same colour as their background) does not a good game make!
I know the latest NatGeo game was short, but boy the items were almost too big but a relief nonetheless. And I bought the game. But this one......
-1) getting pretty tired of Dracula and his ilk
-2) as I was saying above, the items were just too small and who cares if I find them, there was no flow to the game
-3) The music was ok, not harrassable, but money had not been spent on the loop
-4) not paying attention to your artists...let them come up with come good ideas, don't shrink stuff out of another game and throw it in hither nither. I like progects like setting a table, making a meal/potion, finding the parts of a clue all over the place. Sitting squat in one place and squinting isnt fun for me, anyway. Perhaps the adventure part of this game needs to be more adventurous.
-5) the hint system was a brain saver..and a hair saver. Kept me from yanking out anymore.
Please please BFG look at your competor..Lousehouse...please. They have a few excellent games I think everyone here would love to play and payfor. There's a sinking ship one (I know, I can't type names), a left on an island all by your self one, another mansion one with it's owner first name of mortimer, etc et. I, like a lot of folk inhere, want to buy good games and want to buy them from your site. You need to make some deals with other competitors for their games or frankly, we'll start leaving. I for one may cancel the subscription with BFG and move to Lousehouse. Only because the price is the same, the bugs seem to be out before the games or released (so theri are released a little later) and they have all your games on their site. Historically you've been the best...keep it that way!

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Re:please developers, listen to us

[Post New]by Gojira2006 on Oct 19, 11 7:48 AM
Indeed - as an example, the wolfbane hidden object scene is horribly done . . .

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