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Thank you for Gamma Option!!!!!

[Post New]by mcurty on Dec 7, 10 8:54 AM
Just want to make sure developers know how much I (and others) appreciate the Gamma Adjustment Option in this game. I started the demo and had decided it was not for me after adjusting and readjusting my moniter. The dark areas were really dark and hard to distinguish items. Then my cursor began acting a little jittery, so I went in to options to see if I could change the custom cursor. Lo and behold not only was there a custom cursor option, but a gamma adjustment also. What a 'happy camper' I became with the game after making those adjustments!!

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Re:Thank you for Gamma Option!!!!!

[Post New]by Ismene on Dec 7, 10 9:29 AM
Just popping in to agree wholeheartedly on the gamma option! I have several games for which step 1 is "turn off all the lights in the room so I have a chance to see the items". This is a very nice change, and hopefully one more developers will adopt.

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