Level Ten Expert

[Post New]by katwnow on Dec 7, 10 9:04 AM
Build Sandwich Shop first
Build Souvenir Shop
Use Advertising for Souvenirs
Everything else fell into place when I did things in this order


Re:Level Ten Expert

[Post New]by littleone501 on Jan 20, 14 12:33 PM
I'm still stumped. I tried this order and still cannot achieve gold.

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Re:Level Ten Expert

[Post New]by MammawJo on Feb 18, 14 10:53 AM
Some times you need to go ahead and continue playing levels until you can get more upgrades, ie: advertising and umbrellas and building upgrades.

This was my first TM purchase many years ago and I still play it probably 5-6 times a year if not more and it can still be a challenge to get all gold. This is a quality game and has been the best money I've spent on games by far!

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